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Wow, the similarities between these two are remarkable.

This is hilarious!  As been noted over and over again, ever since Obama ascended to his throne was elected, any criticism of the president was met with charges of racism.  In the U.S. this has been used so much rational people are numb to the charge.  It was, however, effective the first few hundred times it was leveled.

Julia, cut from the same cloth, but without the ability to decry racism against her critics does the next best thing.  Clearly, critics of Julia are “misogynists” and “nut jobs”.  Clearly, one has to be a “misogynist” and/or a “nut job” to be critical of her several policies enacted including a carbon tax which she promised she would not impose.

I just thought the remarkable similarities should be …. remarked.  Smile

No response from the rumored misogynist blog Jo Nova, yet.

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