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This is a must watch.  Anderson Cooper, at times, apologetically demonstrates Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ (Head of the Democratic National Committee)  dishonesty.  Over and over again.  In the end, DWS essentially states that the truth doesn’t matter but the message does.  This isn’t a quibble about semantics, this is about misquoting and misleading people.



Now, here’s the fascinating undercurrent of this exchange.  What Cooper is trying to tell DWS is that she doesn’t have to be dishonest to score political points.  And, he’s correct.  He’s also telling DWS that the Dem party has put the LeftStreamMedia in an impossible position.  He’s trying to tell DWS that the LSM would happily carry the water for the Dem party, but they can’t support the outlandishly obvious lies.  DWS is essentially telling Cooper to take a hike and fall in line where the LSM is suppose to be. 

CNN is circling…

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