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Oh my, it’s getting so desperate that they’ve unleashed the “sin” connection to Bain’s investments! 


While it’s clear they are attempting to move religions to worry about one another vs the godless left, what this will to is convince the center that Mitt isn’t an ideologue. 

This is hilarious! 

Here’s how they frame this…….

Though they are not nearly as revealing as the years of tax returns he refuses to release might be, they still have enough information and detail to make Romney uncomfortable.  They show he has money indirectly invested in companies on which the Mormon church might frown and also highlight the lengths to which his complicated investments are shielded from taxes.

LMAO!!!!!  Yes, this is all very uncomfortable!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Here’s what Gawker revealed, now…. be sure to shield your eyes a bit,

Romney is invested in Sankaty High Yield Partners II LP, a debt fund…

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