The Sesame Street Obama case for Obama


LOS ANGELES, August 20, 2012 – During C-Span’s press conference by President Barack Obama he was speaking about his favorite subject, President Barack Obama.

His remarks were carried live from Sesame Street, home of the Children’s Television Workshop:

“Good afternoon. While the American people have been distracted by Republican distortions, there actually exists real Americans not satisfied with my job performance.

So let me set the record straight. I absolutely am doing a fantastic job and deserve to be reelected.

Since the American people need to be treated like children I have taken my message here to Sesame Street, which Republicans tried to foreclose on. I consulted with Sasha and Malia, but they are too old for Sesame Street at this point. Luckily Vice President Joe Biden was around to offer his insights.

So with help from warm furry pal Grover Norquist, domestic partners Bert and Ernie, Count Paul Ryan, and Oscar the Gingrouch, let me teach you all my achievements in alphabetical form. From A to Z, I am President Barack Obama making the case for President Barack Obama.

Ha ha ha ha Read This:

The Sesame Street Obama case for Obama.

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