Real Science

You can`t make this stuff up

So why should we listen to Hansen as opposed to, say, Sen. James Inhofe or radio personality Rush Limbaugh? For starters, Inhofe and Limbaugh have absolutely no background in climate science. Their (inaccurate) assessments of global warming are based almost entirely on opinion, rather than fact.

Let’s compare this to Hansen:
B.A., & Ph.D. in Physics
M.S. in Astronomy

In other words, no background in climate science

Published for decades in peer-reviewed journals
Heads a premier institution for climate research

George W Bush headed the United States for eight years, and Huffington Post said he was incompetent. The argument is idiotic.

Second, while global warming deniers typically base their arguments on misinformation (“Hey! These are the same scientists who warned us there would be an ice age!”), Hansen’s work from thirty years ago is now quantifiably proving to be very accurate

His work…

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