Real Science

Guest post by Joe Bastardi


Michael Mann:

“it’s part of a trend, Katrina, the record season of 2005 was part of a trend towards more destructive storms”

Is Dr. Mann kidding? The facts below will show the fallacy of this statement. I will do him the favor of showing him the facts of the matter, since statements like this reveal he does not know them, of if he does, defies logic with the statement above attributed to him.

First of all, we are in the warm AMO and as you will see, if anything, one has to wonder why this has not been worse!

Global ACE index

That trend is down.

Major impact storms,  3 or greater on the US coast, by Decade

Hit points  ( take the  intensity category at landall and add up)

1940s  10  Majors  ( one  double hit,  1947 so it could be 11) …

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