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The left, as soon as the Ryan announcement was made, dug up some of the same proven lies as they had last year.  This has been well documented and vetted throughout the country. 

  • The robocalls, paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, claim the GOP plan “actually increases the debt by almost $2 trillion.” That’s misleading. It’s true that the GOP proposes an increase of $1.91 trillion next fiscal year, compared with where it stands now. But that’s smaller than the $2.15 trillion increase projected under Obama’s budget.
  • The calls falsely claim that “Medicare will end” under the GOP plan. As we have written before, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says the plan would require future beneficiaries now younger than 55 to pay more than they typically would under traditional Medicare. It’s accurate to say the GOP plan would alter Medicare profoundly, but it’s false to claim that Medicare…

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