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During the primary campaign, one of my criticisms of Romney was that he wasn’t demonstrative enough.  A sort of Republican version of Al Gore.  While he talked a decent game, I doubted if he could punctuate his point with an exclamation mark.  And since his nomination has been assured, he still hadn’t done much to show me I was wrong……… until yesterday.

Take a watch.  He easily deals with a heckler and deftly moves the conversation to Obama’s campaign tactics, and then lists a litany of problematic economic woes, and finishes with an exclamation point!


Apparently, this pick was Romney’s alone.  It’s reported that his advisors were not for this pick.  “Many close aides had been lobbying for the low-risk, nonobjectionable Pawlenty, arguing that the two could run as outsiders taking on Washington,” Politico noted Sunday.

This is what leadership looks like.  He listened to his…

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