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I’ve scoured the internets to find out what’s going on in the climate wars.  ………

Hansenis still animbecile

They’re still fiddling with Jason II data.


The Arctic Ice Extent’s accelerating decline is almost exactly the same as it was 5 years ago.

In fact, the global meltdown of sea ice is almost imperceptible in the last 33 years!


The earth hasn’t warmed in 15 years.



Hurricanes still aren’t getting worse.


Alarmists have quit talking about tornadoes.  For some reason climate takes breaks from time to time. 

July Tornado Count 1950-2012   June Tornado Count 1950-2012

May Tornado Count 1950-2012  April Tornado Count 1950-2012

source and source

The snow extent still hasn’t changed in over 20 years.


Click to enlarge.  Data source

Flooding has not got worse over the last 40 years.


The blue triangles depict decreasing trends (23/98 stations)
The green circles depict small changes within (-s, s) (64/98 stations)
The red triangles depict increasing trends (11…

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