Real Science

The graph below shows the number of all time record daily US maximums which were set or tied per year, for all USHCN stations with contiguous records going back to the year 1900 and extending through 2011

The top five years for setting record maximums were all during the 1930s. No year this century even shows up in the top fifteen. Last year didn’t even make the top sixty.

Now, let’s correct for the absurd worst case TOBS, where every single record high was double counted. Even if we divide the 1930s numbers by two – they are still hotter than 2011. There is no theoretical argument which can justify the history rewrite being done by the NOAA Ministry of Truth.

Romm is hysterical about the number of record highs, justified by loading up the statistics with many stations which didn’t exist before the 1960s.

These people have a thousand ways to cheat and lie…

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