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Well, as progress is still slow with the sea-level study, I thought I’d fill some space by mentioning something that caught my eye recently.  Regular visitors to Climateaudit would have recently seen a post about our dear friend, Dr. James Hansen, discussing kool-aide drinking!  Specifically, he was discussing how soft renewable energy isn’t a realistic alternative to our current energy mix.  He also goes on to equate people who believe it can be to people that believe in the Tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny!

To be honest, I knew he was critical of many different alarmist camps, but I didn’t realize how deep that critical thought went.  You can read his writing here.  It’s an interesting read.  Now, there is a bunch of fluff in it and some other things he gets wrong.  I’ll briefly explore some of what he gets right and what he gets wrong.


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