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Well, I’ve got a few spare moments, which I’d rather spend on something more useful than responding to the peanut gallery, but Laz seems to be insisting on publicizing his illogical thought processing, so who am I to stand in the way.

Readers may recall my post, A Visual Assist —- Arctic Was Warmer In The Thirties!!

To this Laz, for reasoning only a warmist could possibly have, thought I was discussing global temps when I clearly was referring only to arctic temps.  So, he wrote an entire post refuting something which was never stated nor implied.   

This was pointed out in my post “A Glimpse Into The Mind Of An Alarmist…. A Case Study!”  To date, I’ve not seen one clarification, retraction, or an apology for some of the rather abrasive and illogical comments he made towards me and the readers here. Instead, Laz seems to…

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