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This breaks my heart.  I deplore writing about these issues.  I’d much rather write about economics/fiscal policy, or politics, or climate change.  I believe when we focus on our differences it divides a nation.  But, I’m not going to ignore this.  Nor should any American regardless of race or creed or color.  We should all say, “this stops and it stops now”.   

Here’s the thing.  If you want to be a racial activist, that’s fine.  Go to the racist organization of your choice.  I’m fairly certain all races are well represented by the various disgusting racial advocacy groups. 

This post isn’t about the racism Holder is displaying.  It’s about a representative constitutional government where all people are represented.  Where the people in our government should be advocates for all of the people.  We can argue about how best to do so, but we can’t argue this point.  Eric Holder…

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