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It turns out it was a release of a publication……  or a release of a pre-publication.  For those unfamiliar, some of this was a poke in the eye for some past actions of others.

The pre-release of this paper follows the practice embraced by Dr. Richard Muller, of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project in a June 2011 interview with Scientific American’s Michael Lemonick in “Science Talk”, said:

“I know that is prior to acceptance, but in the tradition that I grew up in (under Nobel Laureate Luis Alvarez) we always widely distributed “preprints” of papers prior to their publication or even submission. That guaranteed a much wider peer review than we obtained from mere referees.”

I don’t wish to detract, (as if I could) from WUWT’s discussion thread.  But, we’ve all been anticipating this announcement and so now we can move beyond speculation and actually discuss what was stated…

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