Watts Up With That?

I sent some notes via Twitter yesterday and today to veterinarian turned NASA science writer Maria-Jose Vinas (who wrote yesterday’s self contradicting piece from NASA on Greenland) and AP’s Seth Borenstein about his article proclaiming the “sudden massive melt” in Greenland, citing Keegan et al. (2011):

From NEEM (a station with lower elevation than the Summit station)”

“A core from the CO2 firn-air sampling site at NEEM was retrieved in July 2009, and the physical properties of the firn have been analyzed. In the 81m of analyzed firn core, two regions containing ice layers were identified at depths of 29m and 46m. Isotopic analysis provides a depth-age scale that dates these layers to be from 1935 and 1879, respectively. These years were in the two warmest decades of the instrumental temperature record for Greenland.


And of course I got no reply. But in the meantime. Dr…

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