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A well oiled machine, it is not.

Not many years ago, most Americans (and I’m sure other nationalities) could and would do much of their own auto repair.  Not being any exception, I often found myself under the hood of a car.  As anyone whose ever had to do any major repair on gasoline fired engines, timing is everything.  The pistons need to work in synchronicity.  When the piston is near top-dead-center, a spark much be sent from the distributor to the proper spark plug at the exact proper time.  If this doesn’t happen, your engine will misfire and if it is too far off on timing, it simply won’t run.

Apparently, the finance people of the Eurozone haven’t been exposed to these concepts.  This has fooled me a bit.  I overestimated the intelligence of the decision makers there.  The Eurozone isn’t just in trouble, Europe is in trouble.

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