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The Norfolk Constabulary report a “sophisticated and carefully orchestrated attack on the CRU’s data files, carried out remotely via the internet”.

CA sources have learned that UK police believe that the plan was carried out by a “mindermast”. The insidious methods of a mindermast are revealed in the interview below. here

Update: Police Q&A here. H/t Hilary. Q&A

The Norfolk Police reported:

The nature and sophistication of the attack does not suggest that it was anyone at the UEA.

Apparently, one of the steps in the “attack” involved calculating a trend in Excel. The police, quite reasonably in the opinion of many observers, accordingly excluded anyone at UEA.

The vocabulary of the Norfolk briefing is pleasingly similar to Peter Cook’s
plod. Cook’s police inspector solemnly pronounced the great train robbery to be the work of thieves:

Q: who perpetrated this awful crime?
A (deadpan): we believe…

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  1. This is almost certainly the work of one creative mind in a crowd of consensus scientists.

    See postscript to:

    It fits the SOP (standard operating procedure) of two other unsolved mysteries that plague post-normal science:

    1. How did George Orwell figure out in 1948 that society was headed toward the authoritarian government described in his novel, “1984” ?

    2. Who added a mass-fractionation curve, described as “purely schematic” in the caption, to Figure VI,3 (p. 586) of the 1957 B2FH Bible of Nucleosynthesis ?

    Solar mass-fractionation falsifies the very foundation of B2FH.

    – Oliver K. Manuel

  2. omanuel says:

    I strongly suspect that the late Sir Fred Hoyle secretly undercut the political forces that were undermining civilian control of government long before he wrote his biography in 1994 and publicly admitted that the Standard Solar Model of H-filled stars was adopted without debate or discussion in 1946.

    Fred Hoyle, Home Is Where the Wind Blows, [University Science Books, 1994, 441 pages], pages 153-154

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