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From Tom Nelson’s blog….

We want a clear answer.

Is manmade global warming responsible for the surge in severe heat events we’re seeing in recent years around the globe?

The world’s climate scientists have a clear answer:

Yes.  It is.

It’s about as solid as science ever gets,” climatologist James Hansen tells ABC News.

Now, these are some incredulous assertions.  First, it assumes we’ve definitively determined that any warming we’ve seen is man caused.  We haven’t really established that it has warmed, but, that’s for a different post.  And, we haven’t established any sort of surge in severe heat events around the globe.  In fact, with a nod to the NoTricksZone, we see Swiss meteorologist Mario Slongo stating there hasn’t been any confirmation of increased extreme weather events…..

The NZZ asks: “Have extreme weather conditions generally increased?” Slongo answers (my emphasis):

Yes, the tendency…

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