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I don’t often do this, but, this is instructive, so, I’m borrowing from some prominent skeptic blogs and putting my perspective on it. 

It’s sorta fun watching children grow up.  But, it’s scary at times, as well.  They grow up sheltered from reality, blithely roaming the earth smelling flowers and playing.  Often they play “grown up”.  Now, the rate of maturation varies from child to child.  Some run off from the bosom of their parents as soon as they think they’re ready.  Others will stay attached to the teat as long as they can.  Others still will actively seek to find surrogate parents and stay in a level of immaturity for a long as possible. 

We see this take form in a few places.  Some simply turn to the government as a surrogate parent/provider.  Others find comfort and protection in the protective arms of academia.  There they can be protected…

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