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Last month, I wrote a post demonstrating that even according to the satellites own contrived data that the rate of sea level rise was not accelerating and hasn’t over the past twenty years. 

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Quite the opposite, in fact.  This is despite the obvious data manipulation of Jason II.  Well, yesterday, the NoTricksZone reports that

Geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt have sifted through recent scientific literature looking for evidence that global sea level rise has accelerated over the last 3 decades. 

Their result: “The scientific facts speak very clearly against it. It is only a question of time before the idea disappears from the public discussion.”  Lüning and Vahrenholt examined recently published papers on the subject and they present their findings (translated in English and condensed by P Gosselin).

Unlike Horton who heard a who, these guys never found sea level rise increasing



They looked…

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