Hypocrisy pie, Mr Obama?

suyts space

This is getting hilarious.  Obama continues to display his absolute ignorance of business, and a rather poor understanding of national politics.  Which is fine.

Obama and his surrogates are flailing about throwing all sorts of absurd accusations at Romney.  Recently, a senior Obama aide suggested the Republican candidate may have committed a felony in his SEC filings.   Romney called the comment “absurd” and “beneath the dignity of the presidency,” and charged that the Obama team is just trying to deflect from all the sour economic news to “save the president’s skin.”

Not content for just his aide looking stupid, Obama doubles down…..

“I think most Americans figure if you are the chairman, CEO and president of a company, that you are responsible for what that company does,” Obama told ABC7 in an exclusive interview. The president also said Romney should “absolutely” clarify when he truly relinquished his role at the…

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