Corruptions in graphs

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From time to time, readers here have something to offer other readers which can’t easily be conveyed in the comment section.  And, from time to time, I’m eager to get someone else’ perspective.  Long time reader, Hank, as graciously offered to write a few posts for Suyt’s space.  I’ve happily agreed.

Today, he’s wrote a post which for many of us is mostly old hat, although towards the end of the post you may have a surprise.  It seems we get new readers all the time here.  Because of the broad areas of subjects we discuss, many may not be familiar with this information.  I should also note, not everyone agrees with some of the information provided.   Any formatting difficulties are my doing.

A Guest Post by Hank Hancock.

As a medical / technology researcher with a good educational background in mathematics, the one thing that constantly catches my attention…

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