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Lol, I get a kick out of this……  I used the German slogan for the energy transition pushed by the greens because … well it looks cool, and much of push has come from and been embraced by Europe, though, clearly not exclusively. 

All around the globe the green nuts have pushed for renewables.  And, they’ve gained massive investments.  Europe has adopted a subsidy approach.  Countries like the U.S. and Australia have taken to punishing traditional electric generation sources, most specifically, coal. 

As Europe has found out, the more one adopts renewables, the more one relies on the traditional sources of energy generation.  Now, Europe is in a slightly different position than the U.S.  In the U.S., we’ve recently found so much natural gas, that we can easily and cheaply back up our silly wind and solar energy with gas generation.  Europe gets much of their gas from Russia. …

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