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This is getting to a point of intolerability.  It seems almost like a daily occurence some anti-American jack-wagon in a position of authority will do something so astonishingly stupid and anti-American that it makes national news.  But, we never hear the rest of the story.  Nothing ever happens to these people.  What happens is they pronounce an anti-American edict somewhere in this country, it will make the news, someone will say “oops, sorry”, and that’s the last we hear of it.  They’re like roaches when you suddenly turn on the lights, they start scurrying for cover and soon you can’t see any of them. 

Well, it’s happening again, but this time, I encourage our good friends in Massachusetts to follow through with this, find the person responsible, and hold them accountable. 

Here’s what happened.

The Wrentham Housing Authority taped letters to apartment doors on Wednesday informing them that the

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