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Stupid jackwagons, you never know if they are that pathetically and willfully stupid, or if they are so dishonest that they can’t open their mouths without lying.

President Obama got laughs from a partisan crowd during a recent campaign speech when he mocked Romney campaign advisers for trying to draw a distinctionbetweenoutsourcing and off-shoring.

“Just last week it was reported that Gov. Romney’s old firm owned companies that were ‘pioneers’ in the business of outsourcing American jobs to places like China and India,” Obama said in a speech in North Carolina. “So yesterday, his advisers were asked about this and they tried to clear this up by telling us there’s actually a difference between ‘outsourcing’ and ‘off-shoring,’ That’s what they said. You cannot make this stuff up.”

One of the companies referenced by Obama’s leftist cronies and the Washington Post……. oh, wait, I’m being redundant……. one…

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