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The Romm strategy is to cherry pick a short term weather event, get his readers hysterical, and then never follow up later. If he did follow up, it would become clear that he is a propagandist rather than a scientist.

Last summer, Romm told us that the only way we could end the exceptional drought was to lower CO2 emissions.

Since he wrote that article, exceptional drought has dropped to one of the lowest levels in US history. It is also important to note that the category “exceptional drought” is a recent addition to the terminology. Had it been applied in the past, the 1930s and 1950s would have been much higher than 2011. Romm was intentionally misleading his readers at the time he wrote that.

Drought Monitor Statistics

Over most of the past decade, exceptional drought has declined – except for the one date which Romm chose to cherry pick.

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