Climate Audit

Willis Eschenbach has done three posts recently at WUWT on the linear relationship between input forcings and global temperature output (here, here, here), with a useful contribution by WUWT reader Paul here. Mosher observed that Isaac Held has also posted recently on the same topic in connection with the GFDL model.

Willis’ posts were accompanied with Excel spreadsheets rather than R scripts – a decision that, in my opinion, makes it much harder both to decode what is going on and to reconcile to original data. (Isaac Held provided neither.) I’ll publish a short R script below that retrieves original data and does the analysis.

The idea that global temperature arising from a GCM can be expressed as a simple expression of the forcings was discussed on a number of occasions in early CA days, notably in some posts discussing Kaufmann and Stern’s related (but different)…

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