suyts space

I’ve often thought that when something leaves something comes back to fill the function of what left.  And, when the need for one thing expires, it goes away and something fills it’s place and function.

I was saddened, as I know all of the readers here were, to learn that Obama girl had lost her crush on Obama.  The created a huge void!  The great yawning expanse of the void, like a black hole run amok was sucking up everything in it’s path!

Fortunately, like the cattle replacing the buffalo on the great plains, the void was filled!  Kim brings us this ABC story.

In 2008, there was Obamagirl, the web video about a young and often scantily clad young woman who sings to then-candidate Obama about she has a crush on him.

In 2012, after the president’s evolution on same sex marriage, meet Obama Boy.


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