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Thawing Permafrost

Permafrost refers to a layer of soil or rock that is frozen all year round. Permafrost is found throughout much of Alaska, parts of Canada, and other countries in the far north. You might think a place with permafrost would be barren, but plants can still grow in the soil at the surface, which is not frozen during warmer parts of the year. However, there may be a thick layer of permafrost underneath. As air temperature rises, so does the temperature of the ground, which can cause permafrost to thaw (or melt).

What’s happening now?

Ground temperatures have increased throughout Alaska since the late 1970s, and permafrost has already thawed in many places.

Thawing Permafrost | A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change | US EPA

Complete BS. In 1954, Canada had to relocate their largest Arctic community – due to melting…

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