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I haven’t written much about this because, I didn’t think this would be an enduring issue.  But, we see people still appalled by Heartland’s billboard incident.  And, quite frankly I’ve been appalled by some of the skeptics’ responses. 

The alarmist reaction was predictable, and in a beautiful example of leftist mentality, they’ve proclaimed the demise of the Heartland Institute……..  reality having no bearing on the proclamation. 

But, now that the dust is starting to settle, I think a review of the facts is in order.  Many skeptics think that Heartland’s billboard has somehow given up the moral high-ground of the skeptical position.  .  Many have equivocated the billboard with the “No Pressure” video and the like. .  

Alarmists wishing violence towards skeptics and inaction.

Skeptics have been subjected to the most dehumanizing of efforts, from suggestions that we be recognized and treated (re-education camps), that skeptics be tattooed

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