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This is funny in a very sad way.  Years ago, my children would come home from school blathering insipidly stupid banalities and bringing homework with absolutely no value.  For instance, once, one of my children’s assignments was to color a earth day picture for her science class.  I was always having to deprogram them from the misinformation they were taught at school.  That was many years ago.  The other day I was talking to my son-in-law, and sadly this hasn’t changed.  This bothered me.   I had thought that only the U.S. was turning our children’s minds to mush.  I thought that was going to hurt our competitive abilities in the future and that the world would surpass us in knowledge.  It may still, but, we’re not going to be alone. Smile  In a way I’m a bit relieved, in another I’m saddened about the dangerous harm these people…

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