Real Science

The 1990 IPCC report contained the inconvenient graph above, which didn’t look anything like a hockey stick. Briffa’s trees didn’t look anything like a hockey stick either. Mikey had to get rid of the MWP, but this was going to require some hard work. How did he do it?

  1. Trashed all the post 1960 tree ring data
  2. Replaced the post-1960 tree ring data with Hansen’s altered Northern Hemisphere temperature data.
  3. When you have seen one tree, you have seen Yamal
  4. Declared the MWP to be local to Northern Europe and Greenland.

The first three were heinous enough to have automatically obtained an honorary football coaching position at PSU, but the third one is the topic for this post.

Climate models don’t produce localized warming – particularly not at high latitudes. The most fundamental tenet of “global warming” is polar amplification. Whatever the world is doing, the poles do it even…

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