“I’m not sure what school of divinity allows for or instructs in intentional acts of deception, nor am I aware of an institution of higher learning which awards people doctorates because of willful and intentional ignorance. But, I think our friend Rev. Dr. Ball found it. Attended it. And is now living and embracing such instruction.” – James Sexton

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Well, the viscous cycle of anger is started.  From my favorite source of massive stupidity, the HuffPo, I ran across, this beautiful piece of idiocy.

The New York Times Gets Played By Climate Deniers

We’re left, once again, with the seemingly eternal question, are alarmists evil or are they simply vacant?  This article seems to point in both directions.  The Rev. Dr. Ball, has a pejorative laden article which exudes stupidity.  He uses the term “deniers” no less than 10 times in his article. What he thinks skeptics are denying isn’t clear until most of the article is written……

The smart deniers recognize they can no longer convince the average person that there hasn’t been some warming and that the climate is changing. …….

The it is difficult to believe that the mischaracterization of the typical skeptical position isn’t intentional, but we should allow that Rev. Dr. Ball has simply…

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