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Clearly, the purpose of this post is simply an aid and instruction on how to torment an alarmist.  It also serves the dual function of being informative and destroys a meme the lunatics often spout, to wit, the warming has continued through the most recent years.  Read to the end to see final comment.

During a discussion with a lunatic alarmist, have you ever linked to data that showed the temp trend from 1998 to show the recent non-warming?

But, then your lunatic talking opponent suggests that you’ve cherry picked and that one year either way shows an increase in the temp trend and asserts that it is still getting warmer?  Well, now they’d be the cherry-pickers.   Here it is from 1997 to present……

Here’s 1999……

There is a barely perceptible incline.  Which, still should make an alarmist’s head spin.  But here’s 2000, 2001, 2002……

With HadCrut3, you can…

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