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Suzanne Goldenberg writes that one of Gleick’s unnamed buddies says that he didn’t commit forgery, and that his fraud and theft was all good – because it helped stifle debate.

A review has cleared the scientist Peter Gleick of forging any documents in his expose of the rightwing Heartland Institute’s strategy and finances, the Guardian has learned.

Gleick’s sting on Heartland brought unwelcome scrutiny to the organisation’s efforts to block action on climate change, and prompted a walk-out of corporate donors that has created uncertainty about its financial future.

Peter Gleick cleared of forging documents in Heartland expose | Environment |

Suzanne then goes on to brag about how little money skeptics have. In her next article she will forget about this, and discuss the big money denier machine.

There was a time when liberals demanded debate and free speech. The end never justified the means. Now people like Suzanne have become the epitome of what they claim…

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