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Fakegate, the gift that keeps giving.


Lol, now this is a shocker.  Gleick’s Institute….. a group he founded and ran says he didn’t forge the HI documents.  I’m breathlessly awaiting their “proof”.

Gleick, founder of the Pacific Institute and a well-regarded water expert, admitted and apologised for using deception to obtain internal Heartland documents last February.

He has been on leave from the Institute pending an external investigation into the unauthorised release of the documents. That investigation is now complete, and the conclusions will be made public, the Guardian has learned.

The rest of the gibberish can be read here.

This simply illustrates the willingness of the media to shill and whore for this totalitarian Marxist effort.  It also demonstrates their continued serial dishonesty and lack of any firm ethical grounding.

Let’s pretend that someone else really did pass this forged document to Gleick.  He’s somehow exonerated for passing it…

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