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Sheesh, I was about to get me another HuffPo account to argue with the loons, but it seems like an incredible waste of time.  Fewer and fewer loons are buying into this madness and more and more skeptics seem to be appearing. 

Climate cartoonist Neil Wagner is at it again.  I shouldn’t be so hard on him, because he seems incapable of learning.  He starts his banal sophistry…..

A trend is defined as “a prevailing tendency or inclination.” See if the following strikes you as a trend: The warmest January-April period on record was part of the warmest 12-month period on record, which was preceded by the warmest calendar year on record, which immediately followed the warmest decade on record.

I see a trend — it’s getting freaking’ HOT! In case you didn’t pick up on the subtle pattern described above, here’s a 26-second video from NASA that…

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