Watts Up With That?

Many readers are familiar with the Central England Temperature Record (CET), now Frank Lansner investigates the Central Netherlands Temperature Record (CNT). Long, but enlightening. – Anthony

Guest post by Frank Lansner

Instead the KNMI has decided only to make available their “CNT”, the Central Netherland Temperature index.

KNMI do make two coastal temperature series available before 1951 (Vlissingen and De Kooy) and then some strongly adjusted temperature series (De Bilt and Maastricht). Finally the Northern Eelde Station that has not been adjusted has been made publically available, fortunately.

To make the “CNT”, KNMI use strongly adjusted versions of their temperature data, let’s start out with Maastricht:

Before 1950 close to one full Kelvin of heat has been taken out of data. The strong dive in temperature 1950 has been removed.

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