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Is Heartland’s Global Warming advert “experiment” an own goal or have they simply achieved their aim?

“This billboard was deliberately provocative, an attempt to turn the tables on the climate alarmists by using their own tactics but with the opposite message. We found it interesting that the ad seemed to evoke reactions more passionate than when leading alarmists compare climate realists to Nazis or declare they are imposing on our children a mass death sentence. We leave it to others to determine why that is so.

While I do think the advert was in very poor taste and can’t condone it, I have a sneaking admiration for the Heartland’s audacity in doing this.

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  1. kim2ooo says:

    Personally, I think many realists were a bit dismayed because they wanted Heartland to stay a pristine think tank. Above such as Soros – Suzuki type funded think tanks.

    Does the Warmist – CAGW side have a platform to get their panties in a bunch? NOT to my thinking. Clean up your own house before you attempt to clean mine. Heartland play’d YOUR game using the truth against you.

    Did the experiment work?
    Well, it certainly got me to read TK’s Manifesto and compare it to what what has been said by such as Mr Gore and many other CAGW’ers etc.

    Should they have consulted supporters?
    Probably, as some do not want their names – works associated with such acts.

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