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It seems the incident in Uganda wasn’t isolated.  But, we knew this because that is what was planted.  I picked this up at Climate Depot who picked it up from Luboš Motl .  Apparently, some 23 Hondurans have been murdered.

“At issue are the reported murders of 23 local farmers who tried to recover land, which they say was illegally sold to big palm oil plantations, such as Grupo Dinant, in a country scarred by widespread human rights abuses.” 

The palm oil plantations are UN-accredited palm oil plantations in Honduras created by the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

How long before we say this madness must stop?  How much more must be endured by the weakest of humanity before we acknowledge that the policies enacted by this green/clean movement are a direct cause for these murders and depravity?  This must stop and we must start finding those responsible.

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