Watts Up With That?

Guest post by Ed Thurstan


It is apparent from the data that CRUTEM4 temperatures adjustments have, in part, been made with reference only to the earlier CRUTEM3 data, rather than raw temperature data. Further, the adjustments depend on the month for the data, and these adjustments are made for 20 or 30 consecutive years.

In the case of Adelaide (946720), for 30 years from 1857, CRUTEM4

  • Lowers all January temps by 1.4oC
  • Lowers all Feb temps by 0.9oC
  • Lowers all March temps by 1.7oC
  • With April to December all lowered by 0.5 to 1.1oC.

Thereafter, there are no adjustments until 2000, when a smattering of adjustments appear, mostly raising the temperature.

There are many examples of this practice. The total effect of all the differences between CRUTEM4 and CRUTEM3 where there is corresponding data is to accentuate warming trend by lowering…

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