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Nigel Calder asks us to republish this post for maximum exposure. He writes:

Today the Royal Astronomical Society in London publishes (online) Henrik Svensmark’s latest paper entitled “Evidence of nearby supernovae affecting life on Earth”. After years of effort Svensmark shows how the variable frequency of stellar explosions not far from our planet has ruled over the changing fortunes of living things throughout the past half billion years. Appearing in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, it’s a giant of a paper, with 22 figures, 30 equations and about 15,000 words. See the RAS press release at http://www.ras.org.uk/news-and-press/219-news-2012/2117-did-exploding-stars-help-life-on-earth-to-thrive

By taking me back to when I reported the victory of the pioneers of plate tectonics in their battle against the most eminent geophysicists of the day, it makes…

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  1. omanuel says:

    As noted today on Climate Etc., ignorance (Lack of information) has been used by opposing political forces in their battle to control people since Hiroshima was vaporized on 6 Aug 1945:


    Much to the surprise of some, the Climategate documents and emails released in Nov 2009 were simply part of this worldwide conflict.

    Two Other Examples:

    1. The books, “The Naked Ape”and “1984″ are promoted by opposing sides in the world-wide attempt to control people by controlling access to information.

    _a). George Orwell’s 1948 book, “1984″

    _b.) Desmond Morris’s 1967 book “The Naked Ape”

    Click to access naked_ape.pdf

    2. Two opinions on the nature of Earth’s heat source are promoted by opposing political forces since Hiroshima was consumed by “nuclear fires” on 6 Aug 1945.

    _a.) According to Hoyle, those differences of opinion did not exist seventy-two years ago, in the Spring of 1940, when “We both believed that the Sun was made mostly of iron, . . .The high-iron solution continued to reign supreme . . . (at any rate, in the astronomical circles to which I was privy) until after the Second World War, . . .” (last paragraph, p 153)
    Sir Fred Hoyle, “Home Is Where the Wind Blows” (University Science Books, 1994) 443 pp.

    _b.) In Oct 1957, Fred Hoyle co-authored the “Bible” on synthesis of the elements in stars [B2FH (Burbidge, Burbidge, Fowler and Hoyle), “Synthesis of elements in stars”, Reviews of Modern Physics, 29, 547-654 (1957).

    _c.) Hoyle or another author surreptitiously exposed the “Big Lie”by slyly drawing in a line on Fig. VI,3 (page 586) to illustrate the effects of mass fractionation across abundances of s-products (A = 63-209 amu) in the solar photosphere.

    _d.) In 2005, we combined all 72 data points for s-only isotopes from Fig. VI,3 (page 586) and Fig. VI,1 (page 584) of B2FH to illustrate the effects of mass fractionation across abundances of s-products (A = 22-209 amu) in the solar photosphere.

    O. Manuel, William A. Myers, Yasmet Singh and Marcel Pleess, “Solar abundance of elements from neutron-capture cross sections,” 36th Lunar & Planetary Science Conference, 1033 (2005). http://www.omatumr.com/abstracts2005/LunarAbstract.pdf

    The results leave no doubt who is promoting misinformation about Earth’s heat source – the Sun.

    With kind regards,
    – Oliver K. Manuel

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