No Blue and red tights with cape on these REAL HEROES

Watts Up With That?

Given the high profile story today about the 49 NASA astronauts, engineers, and scientists who wrote a scathing letter to NASA director Charles Bolden, Jr. saying Jim Hansen and NASA GISS are exemplifying the “wrong stuff”, I thought I’d share this poster contributed by WUWT reader NickFromNYC:

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  1. omanuel says:

    Congratulations to these astronauts for having the courage to speak out!

    They know something is seriously wrong in our society today. Belatedly, I too realized that the Climategate emails and documents leaked in 2009 reflect the fearful response of world leaders to an event that occurred fifty-four years (54 yrs) earlier on 6 Aug 1945:

    Fear and the instinct of survival
    persuaded world leaders to hide the
    energy that vaporized Hiroshima
    in 1945: They thus became rulers
    rather than servants of the public
    The 2009 result: Climategate !

    I hope that one or more of these astronauts will step forward to work on the solution: Restore integrity to science, rights of citizens and citizen control of government, without reviving racism, retaliation and/or the threat of nuclear warfare:

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  2. Harry Costas says:

    I agree with you Oliver.

    NASA reminds me of a sleeping giant controlled by politics who are controlled by voters.
    In the past and now projects are directed to mainstream thinking, whatever that may be.

    Money is given to the expected end result and if your end result is not what is expected than money is not given.

    History keeps on repeating itself, people form a MOB of thinking that is extremely hard to get through with new information that would stick.

    The question is: What is evidence and what is an opinion?
    Can science be controlled by the MOB thinking, you bet, we see it NOW.

    I just hope that true scientists put their hands up and say, enough is enough.

    CO^2 has no effect on GW, look at the evidence.

    What causes Global Temp changes? Look at the science evidence, it’s open to the public, there are no secrets unless you want to make a trillion dollars from carbon trading.

  3. omanuel says:

    Perhaps someone should study the history of the world’s more influential scientists and their awards (Knighthood, Nobel Prizes, etc.) for service.

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