Watts Up With That?

A new paper in Quaternary Science Reviews titled:

Combined dendro-documentary evidence of Central European hydroclimatic springtime extremes over the last millennium

…demonstrates that there is evidence for extreme weather during both the Medieval Warming Period  and the Little Ice Age, in fact it was seen as common according to the tree ring records examined. Unlike the Yamal debacle, it seems they did a much broader sampling of trees, both living and historical fir (Abies alba Mill.), and sampled across France, Switzerland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Even better, unlike the irascible Dr. Mann, they didn’t have to truncate the tree samples after 1960 because they didn’t agree with the premise. Their samples continuously span the AD 962–2007 period and no hide the decline was needed.

Unfortunately. this paper is published paywalled in Elsevier, which is being boycotted by thousands of academics worldwide, so I can’t recommend that anyone purchase…

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