Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr.

Are climate scientists and program managers who fund them, who  misrepresent multi-decadal climate model predictions to the impacts communities as skillful projections,  “gaming the system” ?  Gaming the system is defined as

Gaming the system (or bending the rules, playing the system, abusing the system, milking the system or working the system) can be defined as “[using] the rules and procedures meant to protect a system in order, instead, to manipulate the system for [a] desired outcome”.

My answer is YES, unless these individuals can demonstrate skill at multi-decadal regional climate predictions which they fund. To my knowledge, however, this demonstration of skill has not been shown. Thus those individuals are either very naive or are deliberately gaming the system.

I am quite blunt in this post (and see also this post ) where I focus on the NSF, since the individuals I am referring to have been alerted to…

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  1. omanuel says:

    Yes, but that practice is rampant throughout federal research agencies now. The US National Academies reviews their budgets and tells them what projects to fund.

    The US Department of Energy ignores the most powerful source of nuclear energy, the energy stored as rest mass in the cores of heavy atoms (A > 150 amu), some planets, ordinary stars like the Sun, and galaxies.

    NASA spent $1 Billion on the Galileo probe of Jupiter and then hide the xenon isotope data that confirmed the interior of the Sun is iron rich and heated by a pulsar core.

    These two videos illustrate the problem:

    4. Scientific Genesis: Neutron Repulsion (2001)

    5. Scientific Genesis: Global Warming Scam (2011)

    The rest of the story is here:

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