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This is a quick post, about two ideas. First, when the logo belonging to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) appears on bottles of Coca-Cola, that cinches it. The tipping point was passed some time ago. Environmentalism isn’t a minority perspective anymore.

In the US, the WWF’s board of directors includes the Chairman of the Bank of America and deans from Stanford and Yale (backup link). Fighting climate change is now about big business and big politics.

At this moment in history the underdogs, the people pounding on the impenetrable glass on the wrong side of the one-way mirror, the silenced ones, are not the WWF. Having achieved the inner sanctum, it’s comfortably seated at the table with the big boys.

Now here’s idea #2: In order to be trustworthy journalism must keep its distance from the people it writes about. For example, one finds statements such as these over…

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