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This post illustrates the similarities and differences between HADISST-based Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomalies and NODC Ocean Heat Content (OHC) anomalies, 0-700 meters. All SST and OHC anomalies in this post have been standardized.


On an early Ocean Heat Content thread, a blogger asked if I had any graphs that compared Sea Surface Temperature and Ocean Heat Content anomalies. At that time I didn’t have any. I’m glad I didn’t respond then by creating them, since the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) revised and corrected its Ocean Heat Content data in October 2010. The differences between the OHC data presented by the NODC with its paper Levitus et al (2009) [Manuscript] and their October 2010 corrections and revisions are illustrated in the post Update And Changes To NODC Ocean Heat Content Data.

Sea Surface Temperature data are available in Deg C, and the NODC Ocean…

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