Justin Pulliam – Report at WUWT – What honest debate looks like. Lord Moncktons Schenectady showdown

Watts Up With That?

Monckton vanquishes Union College “Greens too yellow to admit they’re really Reds”

Guest post by Justin Pulliam

THE NEWS that Lord Monckton was to give his “Climate of Freedom” lecture at Union College in Schenectady, New York, had thrown the university’s environmentalists into a turmoil. The campus environmentalists set up a Facebook page announcing a counter-meeting of their own immediately following Monckton’s lecture. There is no debate about global warming, they announced. There is a consensus. The science is settled. Their meeting would be addressed by professors and PhDs, the “true” scientists, no less. Sparks, it seemed, were gonna fly.

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  1. Seems like a lot of people have reposted this lecture report (including UKIP Scotland)

    For a whole plethora of Lord Monckton related material see the UKIP Scotland blog.

    Videos, stories, news and views from UKIP & Lord Monckton’s perspective.

  2. kim2ooo says:

    UKIP Scotland says:
    March 11, 2012 at 1:32 pm (Edit)

    Hey, Thank You! 🙂

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